Positive Effects of Urbanization

Most of the people see only negative sides of urbanization such as highly increasing pollution, lack of resources, destruction of habitats, social inequality etc. Society sees urbanization rather as a problem, not an opportunity, although there are also lot of positive effects of urbanization. Here are some of the benefits from this process listed.

First of all urbanization provides efficiency. That might seem as a paradox, because cities are well known for huge energy consumption and great amounts of pollution, but actually cities often are more efficient than rural areas. There is lot lees effort needed to supply basic amenities such as heat and fresh water. Also transportation is not so necessary, because everything is available on the spot. In most cities also apartments are prevalent and people in cities need smaller living area. There are many examples how life in the city can turn out to be lot more efficient than life in rural area or even suburb.

Urban lifestyle is also lot more convenient to population. Everything is easily accessible. For example, education, health, cultural activities, social services and all other kinds of services are lot more available in the cities and urban areas. Also cities have more advanced communication and transportation networks. In short, urbanization means better easier life for people and higher life quality.

There is also better social integration in the cities. People of many social layers, religions and races live and work together in cities. There is a place for everyone in urban society, so it is lot easier for people to integrate and live in the urban areas. This living together creates much better understanding, tolerance and acceptance. There are lot less social and cultural barriers in cities.

Life in the urban area also means higher living standards which results as the desire to strive for something better. Basically urbanization is a base of overall development and growth of the world. City population is always trying to set higher goals and reach them. Urbanization process is like an engine that keeps people going and fighting for what they want.

And of course, urbanization means increasing economics. All the economical development is actually based on urbanization. As urbanization is closely related to industrialism, it is also related to growth of economy. People move to the cities mostly because of the job opportunities. As more enterprises and organizations are being established, more people can have jobs and also the added value increases. Just think what would happen with economics, if there was no cities.

As you can see, urbanization is really necessary for the growth and development. It is true that this process has a lot of negative side effects that can even cause destruction of a modern world, but people must focus more on the ways how to reduce these negative side effects not how to stop urbanization. Urbanization goes hand in hand with development, so people should start to see it as positive process, which only needs some improvements.