What makes city attractive?

There are many different cities all around the world. They all are great and interesting places in some way, but still some of the cities are more desirable than others. What are the core processes and benchmarks that can change cities from simple living areas to into superior places? Urban planners have come up with some ideas, so here are some things that makes cities attractive to people.

Most important factor that determinate the status and image of the city, of course, is economic. It is no wonder that people are willing to move to the cities which have the faster economic growth, because that means great job opportunities and high living standards. People has always been looking for a better, easier life and fastest way how to get that is by choosing a place where everything of that is accessible without hard work.

But fast growing economic is not the only factor that allures people to specific cities. For many people also peace is important. That might seem as a paradox, because if people are looking for peace, they should live in countryside not in a big city, but as there are better life opportunities in the cities, people choose to leave the countryside, but they are not ready for the chaotic environment. In the biggest cities there are cars and people everywhere. There is noise, hectic lifestyle and other stressful factors. That is what most of the people doesn’t want in their lives, so they are looking for big, but yet quiet and calm cities.

Similar situation is with pollution and luck of green areas. People want cities to be sustainable, clean and green, because it ensure better health and living conditions. People are not willing to live in very polluted cities, although all the biggest, richest cities are very polluted, because of the great number of people living and working there. In most of the cases growth of economic also means growth of industries, which however leads to growth of pollution. Also here are only few green areas where to enjoy some nature, because most of the place urbanized.

People also like successfully planned cities. That means there are correct arrangement and mix of buildings and establishments, appropriate infrastructure, all kind of transportation opportunities, socialization opportunities etc. In short, people likes those cities where they can have everything they need at one place. That is why many people choose to live in smaller cities despite the economic indicators.

And lats thing that attracts people is history and culture. Not only tourists are interested in the heritage of the city. Also people who are choosing a city for living, usually think of these kind of things. It is lot more pleasant to live in the city which is world famous because of its cultural heritage. Unlike all the other factors, this is something that city either has or don’t. It can’t be created or gained within time.

So basically people want the easy life opportunities that, in most of the cases, only big cities can ensure, but they what to remain the characteristics of a countryside or small towns. People want cities to be rich, sustainable, convenient, compact and interesting. The most desirable places for living are those which can ensure all of that.