Greenest cities in the world

Although, in opinion of most of the people, green lifestyle and big cities doesn’t go along, because cities are the biggest cause of pollution and habitat destruction, there are some cities that are developing more environmentally friendly economies and doing everything to reduce the negative side effects of urbanization. Here is a list of the greenest and most sustainable cities in the world.

In the fifth place there is London in United Kingdom. Although London and the whole England still is associated with Industrial Revolution and great amount of pollution, this city really has become green and can be a good example for many other cities. First of all, London is planning to switch 25% of its power generation to efficient local sources and England is a home place for 10 very efficient operational offshore wind farms. Also city one one of the firsts, which introduced higher taxes to the emission spouting cars and canceled taxes for electric vehicles. By these actions London is planing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% in the next few decades.

The fourth greenest city is Vancouver. Also this might come as surprise for many people, because Vancouver is very densely populated and modern city, but it is also the cleanest city in the world. 90% of cities energies supply is produced by hydroelectric stations and the rest of the energy mostly is produced by renewable resources. It is recognized as cleanest city mostly because it has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions per capita.

In the third place is Stockholm. Actually Stockholm is quite popular with its green and sustainable ideology. It has been awarded as cleanest city in the world many times. Stockholm even has special environment program that focuses on environmentally efficient transport, buildings free of dangerous substances, sustainable energy use, sustainable use of land and water and sustainable waste treatment. Also Stockholm is focusing on reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and coming up with urban innovations to remain the modern lifestyle with less negative environmental impacts.

In the second place is Amsterdam. The first thing that comes in mind when talking about Amsterdam usually is the cycling infrastructure and that is what makes this city so green. People really are mostly using bicycles not cars. They get around the city this way and that, of course, means reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. However, the transportation is not the only way how Amsterdam think of environment. This city also is one of the leaders in renewable energy generation.

And the greenest city in the world is Copenhagen. This city really is a good example of how urban area should be planned, designed and ran. Its infrastructure is designed to be convenient to bicycling and walking rather than cars, so people really are walking and cycling instead of driving cars. Also Copenhagen has a huge offshore wind farm to produce energy from renewable resources. What is interesting, there are lot of green roofs and parks in Copenhagen to absorb the pollution which already is relatively minimal. All the other cities should take an example from Copenhagen to become more sustainable.