Cities with the Best Transportation Systems

One of the most important factors for city to be successful is a good transportation system. Actually, a convenient public transportation system is often a motivator for many people to move into particular neighborhoods and cities, because it provides an opportunity to easily get to any place needed in short period of time. There is no need to drive a car and spend a lot of money on gasoline. Public transportation is what ensures convenient movement, so here is a list of the cities with best transportation systems in the world and methods how they have achieved that.

There is no wonder that Germany is a leader in transportation and Berlin has one of the most successful transportation systems in the world. There is enormous underground transportation system called the U-Bahn that covers more than 132 kilometers of the city. This system runs trains every two minutes, so public transportation in this city is very available. It is linked with other transportation systems of the city, so different types of transportation can be easily connected. Also public transportation in Berlin is recognized as one of the safest in the world.

Probably also London, England is no surprise. It has the oldest underground network in the world, which is 400 kilometers long. Also it is the more used transportation system in the world. Despite the age of this transportation system, it is very innovative. It has all the safety measures so it is relatively safe for a subway system of its size. It is possible to get from one side of the London to another, using one transportation network only.

Of course, we almost must mention New York in USA. Its subway system is phenomenal. It is more than 100 years old and covers more than 375 kilometers of the city. It is now also very safe as there was special safety changes introduced after acts of terrorism in 2011. In 2006, it maintained a consistent train schedule from the previous year. As almost five million people use this transportation system every day, it is definitely very successful safe.

One of the best transportation systems definitely has Copenhagen in Denmark. First of all, it has innovative metro system. It was completed only in 2002, but it works without any hesitations and it is linked by another train system, the S-trains. This train system connects people from the suburbs and other more remote regions of Denmark. Danish train network is ran through a computer, which increases efficiency and safety. So it is possible to easily get around the whole city using metro and train system, but what is really commendable, they also have urban bike program that allows people to take a bike in one station and leave it in another zone across town free of charge.

In the first place is Seoul in South Korea. Its metro system is repeatedly declared as the best public transportation system in the whole world. More than 8 million people uses this transportation system every day. It covers 287 kilometers of the city and is connected with cities bus system. What is the best about this system, it has everything people need – LED screens that tell when the next train is coming in Korean and English, Wi-Fi access and robots that help passengers to find information.